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Kilkee Storm Damage

Published: 29 April, 2014

We visited Kilkee on Saturday last as part of a canvass for the local election campaign. In Kilkee there is widespread dissatisfaction with the County Council handling of the recent storm damage. The sea wall was very badly damaged and access to the beach has being made very difficult. The majority of people we spoke to reiterated that they felt the area have been completely neglected and abandoned by Clare County Council. There is nothing being done, one engineer has given an explanation that because the wall is a famine wall there is an issue with the cement, some of the locals' contest this saying only one part of the wall is a famine wall and works should commence. Another person we spoke to strongly believes that preventative actions prior to the storm could have saved the wall from the storm. Either way, locals have been left with nothing more than temporary barriers and warning signs and poor access to the beach. I've received a number of phone calls in follow up to our visit to Kilkee and I wanted to highlight this issue with you, and call on Clare County Council for a strategic initiative to be implemented to solve this issue as soon as possible. Kilkee has been left waiting long enough! Works will have to be undertaken to prevent further subsidence and to prepare for future unpredictable sea levels.

Thank you

Is mise Noeleen Moran

Clare Sinn Fein