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Statement of Resignation by Cathal O'Reilly

Published: 21 May, 2014

In the last two days, anti-traveller comments have been attributed to me. I did make those comments. It was three years ago and I am deeply ashamed of them now. I should not have made them. I'm sure none of us are proud of everything we ever said or did in our lives. Being in Sinn Féin has taught me a lot over the past few years and human rights and respect for ALL people are some of those things. It is something I should not have had to learn. While I no longer hold such views, the fact that I previously held them has been publicised now and this has caused embarrassment to me, my family and to Sinn Féin. Because of this, I offered my resignation to the party earlier today and it has been accepted. I now wish to move on with my life as a private citizen.